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Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange

The Family Corner provides trained staff to ensure safe and healthy contact between parents and children in a nurturing, home-like setting. Ultimately, this program works toward the goals of protecting the child, promoting healthy parent-child interaction and facilitating family reunification.

County Served: Washington
Population Served: Parents and their children
Program Availability: Flexible.
Referral Requirements: Professional referral only through the court system or Human Services Department
Fee: Minimal, based on residency, and referral source.  Please call.

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Parenting When Relationships Change

2020 Class Schedule

Sunday Mornings
9:00 AM - 12:00 noon


January 26       July 26
February 23     August 30
March 29         September 27
April 26            October 25
May 31            November 29
June 28           December - No Classes


Registration for the February 23, 2020 class is now closed.  All available seats have been filled. 


Parenting When Relationships Change...

fosters a cooperative spirit and nurturing behaviors that will empower parents to shield their children from parental conflict.
This program also promotes the development of a newly-defined, long-term alliance between the child’s parents, even though the dynamics of their original relationship has changed.

County Served: Washington and/or others requesting services
Population Served: Parents and caregivers who are experiencing a change in their relationship.
Program Availability: Classes are held monthly, January through November.
Referral Requirements: Professional or self referral.
Fee: $50.00 per participant.

  • It is the policy of this program that parents of a shared child/children, will not be enrolled in the same session.
  • Enrollment is limited to ten persons, per session.


Parenting When Relationships Change

Registration and payment must be received at least one week prior to your selected session. Payment should be made by cash, check, or money order.  Please do not mail cash.  Mail or bring completed registration form and class fee to:                        The Youth and Family Project, Inc.                       630 Elm Street                         West Bend, WI 53095